Saturday, January 26, 2008

First days in Brazil-- Santo Antonio do Pinhal

The first picture is a reminder that we arrived in Sao Paulo on Christmas Day. Even though I grew up in the southern hemisphere, so I know all about wearing shorts on Christmas Day and having a barbecue for Christmas dinner, I really wasn't fully prepared for the contrast between 4 am in Edmonton, when we left our house, at -15 degrees Celsius, and touching down in +29 degrees and 98% humidity about 24 hours later.

We started off in Santo Antonia do Pinhal-- a very lovely little town in the inland mountains in Sao Paulo state, northeast of the city. The colors and murals are very striking-- we took a series of pictures of murals on the wall around the elementary school, but haven't posted them here. There was a lot of construction going on in town.

You kind of have to bend your head to get the first one right, but the last set of pictures are from our pousada (bed and breakfast). We had a great time exploring the town, which is quite small and walkable.

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