Saturday, January 26, 2008

exploring Sao Paulo-- Mercado Municipal

Fabiola very kindly took us to the Mercado Municipal, a giant warehouse of a market, with an upstairs loft where you can buy food and beer-- we tried pastel do bacalhau (cod pastry) and I had Brahma Black, which I highly recommend if you like dark beers. Then we went down and bought some very weird tropical fruits, as well as some that weren't weird, at least not to me-- particularly guavas, which I haven't had much access to since I was a kid. Mangoes are easier to find in north America, so I didn't spend too much time on those. The fruit was pretty amazing-- both visually and gastronomically. The spots on the camera lens on the picture of Fabiola delivering the next round of beers come from the spray being blown about by fans to cool the air-- mostly adds to the humidity.

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