Monday, September 21, 2009

Yep, it's Paris

April 2008. I had a conference-- not a great conference, but it was in Paris. I've never really liked Paris before. I've been there a few times. Usually I get sore feet and get to see a lot of quite grey buildings, all somewhat block-like, and stand around thinking, do I really want to stand in that line? Do I really want to try to eat at that bistro where the wait staff will sneer at my pathetic attempts to recall high school French? This time, I went to my meetings, dutifully, and ate uninteresting sandwiches, while Matt went trotting around Paris having a good time without anyone being rude to him because he speaks no French at all and doesn't even try. After my meeting was over, uneventfully other than my pissing off a lot of important people, I joined Matt in his trots around Paris and had a really good time. His friends Vincent and Pamela met us one day and took us up to a cathedral high on the hillside where you get great views of Paris rooftops and chimney tops, much more interesting than the street view of the same buildings, and we had a great lunch without any sneering being had at all. Then Matt and I trotted around some more and went to the Charles de Gaulle art museum, and a few other places, eschewed the lines, and had a great time.
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