Saturday, April 28, 2012

The crows on Tara

Our trip to Tara was also blustery and cold, even though it had been fairly warm earlier in the day when we went to Newgrange. By the time we got to Tara, although it wasn't raining, it was very windy, and overcast. The creaking hinges on the stiles to go into the site were enhanced considerably by the blowing wind. The crows in the trees over the old churchyard were haunting in their warnings to each other. You would think they would be used to people all around them by now.

But it wasn't just the cries of the crows that were haunting. The trees they live in were bare of leaves, and formed amazing shapes against the overcast sky.

This little video clip will give you a good sense of the atmosphere. The static is the wind whistling past continuously.

The rest of the hilltop is quite open and while there are many markers of various kinds, it feels completely unrestricted. By contrast, the stone fence-enclosed churchyard feels slightly claustrophobic, and the crows clearly do not appreciate the intrusion.

Matt's first trip to Stonehenge

We made the pilgrimage to Stonehenge on a blustery day in late March-- hour or so to Salisbury from Waterloo Station, a wait for the bus, then about 35 minutes from Salisbury to the site. Very cold in the wind.
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